Hi, my name is Stefan!

I'm a huge tech and electronics enthusiast/nerd, occasionally making some YouTube videos and in general very active on the internet. I've worked on quite a few projects so far, often helping people as best I can with the skills I acquired over the years.

PS.: Yes, this website is in dire need for a redesign but I'm sadly not a web designer :(

You can find me here...

Below is a list of essentially all Social Media, Chat and other relevant accounts you can follow or add me on!

Platform Username URL
Twitter @EpicLPer https://twitter.com/EpicLPer
Bluesky @epiclper.com https://bsky.app/profile/epiclper.com
Discord EpicLPer https://discord.gg/seCqm4p
YouTube EpicLPer https://youtube.com/EpicLPer
Odysee @EpicLPer:c https://odysee.com/@EpicLPer:c
DeviantArt EpicLPer https://epiclper.deviantart.com
Steam EpicLPer https://steamcommunity.com/id/epiclper
Twitch EpicLPer https://twitch.tv/epiclper
Telegram @EpicLPer https://t.me/EpicLPer
Telegram Channel @EpicsRandomChannel https://t.me/EpicsRandomChannel
SoundCloud EpicLPer https://soundcloud.com/epiclper
Tumblr EpicLPer https://www.tumblr.com/epiclper
Misskey @epiclper@misskey.io https://misskey.io/@epiclper
Mastodon @EpicLPer@mastodon.social https://mastodon.social/@EpicLPer
Matrix @epiclper:matrix.org https://matrix.to/#/@epiclper:matrix.org
Cohost EpicLPer https://cohost.org/EpicLPer
Pillowfort EpicLPer https://www.pillowfort.social/EpicLPer
Revolt @EpicLPer https://app.revolt.chat/invite/b9vkMqxd

Sub-Domain List

Here's a list of (almost) all Sub-Domains for my site with a short description. Stuff listed here can be removed at any time tho.

Sub-Domain Description
blog.epiclper.com Obviously, my little Blog about random stuff.
random.epiclper.com Some random experiments I've done over the years.
loe.epiclper.com Old versions of "Legends of Equestria".
60fps.epiclper.com Some videos I converted to 60 FPS way back in the days.
dl.epiclper.com Public Downloads that I host.
excellent.epiclper.com An Excellent Website!

Wallet Addresses

Even tho I don't believe that Crypto is "the future" I still have some wallets I tinkered around with. Thanks a lot already in case you consider to support me! Click on the crypto names to get QR codes.

Name Wallet Address

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