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About me

A guy from Austria who happens to be on YouTube, Twitter, DeviantArt, SoundCloud, and many many other websites.

The name "EpicLPer" originated way back in 2010 when Let's Plays on YouTube were still common. I started my channel uploading Let's Play videos and random stuff which came to my mind, that's why there's "LP" in my username.

These days I mainly focus on learning and animating new things in Source Filmmaker, a 3D Animation Program based on the TF2 Source Engine by Valve.

After a few years of using Source Filmmaker there was one thing that bothered me the most: There was no easy way of downloading MLP related Source Filmmaker resources. That's why I brought to life. I daily maintain, updated & enhance the website and also give my best to bring an easy way of downloading models, maps, scripts, etc. to everyone for free.

Contact me

Any Questions? Feel free to contact me!
You can also contact me at any of the below and on the top mentioned sites.

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